Doors Skins

Doors create the first impressions for the space we build or choose to reside. Besides, protecting our houses, its design signifies the wellbeing and style of the person who resides. The wide range of door skins offered by Samrat caters to the needs of all types of fancy. Our door skins are appreciated for features like dimensional accuracy, durable finishes and wear resistance. Samrat offers more than 75 extraordinary designs formulating its collection in this segment. 


Manufacturing Details

  • Strength & Flexibility: For more tensile strength & flexibility, unbleached / absorbent craft paper with long cellulose fiber manufactured from virgin pulp is used.
  • Ultimate Finish: Italian mould plates, which impart the ultimate surface texture / finish are used.
  • Made of all imported design paper, including 'A' Grade krafts paper for penetration of the best chemical.
  • Usage of standard Raw Material: High quality raw material is used.
  • Reduced Adhesive Consumption: Double sanding belt is used to give a polished roughness,which reduces adhesive consumption by approximately 20%.
  • Durability: A unique SAFE Technology is used for durable output.
  • Consistent Weight: A high density is maintained for each sheet to weigh more than 4.2 kgs.


  • Colour Fastness & consistency: Imported base or design paper from reputed manufacturers in Europe gives color consistency & colour fastness.
  • Carpenter Friendly: High Quality Plasticizers are used.
  • World-Class R&D: The laboratory is well equipped with the latest technology and best available talent & boiling water Termite, borerr proof.


  • Doors for commercial and residential propose.